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About Me!


(This can be also found in my first blog post!)

I have wanted to be a teacher since the age of 3.

As the oldest child of 4, I was always wanting to be the teacher & lead my siblings in reading, math, music, or any other activity they would try with me! I have had many opportunities to work with children. Starting in Middle School I by volunteering with children at VBS and babysitting. In High School I started helping out with the music time with K-2, and by the time I graduated I had experience working in Elementary Classrooms, math tutoring,  swim lessons, and teaching piano lessons. I chose Meredith College because of their excellent teaching program, especially due to their Teaching Fellows Program. I currently am a piano teacher and direct the Children’s Choir at church while volunteering in different Elementary Schools in Wake County.

As I have been starting to take my Methods classes (for non-teachers, this is where you focus on how to teach students different content areas), I am learning that while my vast amount of experiences have been valuable, there is so much more I need to learn! As I continue in my college courses and in life, I hope to always to 1) find more resources on tips for lessons & activities, 2) learn more skills about time management & working with students, and 3) reflect on different experiences, readings & videos! This is a blog to record these adventures and findings. Hopefully this can be an encouragement and positive resources for others who are past, current, or future teachers to continue pursuing the lifelong journey of encouraging, equipping, and helping others excel in learning!


Photo: Courtesy of Meredith College

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