I am applying for my Master’s degree to the University of Sussex.

As young as I can remember, I have called myself a musician. I enjoy playing multiple instruments: guitar, piano, and voice. Since fall 2011, I have relished encouraging young minds in music through teaching piano. Through volunteering as the lead director of a local choir, I have created films displaying our end of the year productions and events. This medium captures my ability to cast, choreograph, teach, and occasionally act with students. I enjoy capturing my memories through writing, but film is exciting and challenging, providing occasions to edit film in different aspects, each product being unique and special.

Enjoy watching some of my films below!

Angel Alert Musical

This musical was cast, choreographed, directed & footage edited by Arielle Boland. Many other volunteers were involved in the success of this children’s musical. Performed December 2014, Hearts Hands & Voices Level 3 (3rd-5th graders) presents the musical: Angel Alert: The Night that Heaven Came Down!

Truth Works Musical

Performed Spring 2015, Hearts Hands & Voices Level 3 (3rd-5th graders) perform the musical Truth Works. Opening the event are groups HHV 1 (K) and HHV 2 (1st-2nd) from Colonial Baptist Church. This musical was cast, choreographed, directed, by Arielle Boland (as well as one of the actors). Many thanks to David LaRocque for editing this footage into this film, as well as all the people at Colonial, that together, made this musical possible! Enjoy learning about God’s Truth & how it works for life and godliness.