Where do you find your facts?

The encyclopedia has great information, but often we don’t have one of those handy. And even if you did, it doesn’t have the current political situation in China or the Presidental Debate updated in the version of the library.

Therefore, the best and also worst resources can often be found online! Although you have to look at each site with an apocryphal mindset, there are a plethora of useful, credible resources out there!

Listening to the debate was insightful, but what was even more helpful was NPR, National Public Radio, and their Fact Check & Analysis of the Debate. As a historian, this site is a great source as they were typing what the candidates were saying as they spoke, with multiple different well-informed individuals commenting on the credibility of their statements.

Here’s just one small section of the debate and professional’s comments on Clinton’s and Trump’s statements.

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Lesson learned? Stay informed & try to stay open and unbiased!


Where do you get your information and current credible sources from?