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One of the standards covered in Literacy objects from Common Core is students being able to connect text features to the supporting text in a fiction or non-fiction book. This is a lesson plan I recently created and implemented in a local 2nd-grade classroom. I had a blast, the students rose to the challenge, and we learned lots about their ability to communicate (both written and verbally) their connections between the text and text features in books about different endangered species! Included in this lesson plan are the resources needed (including books and a worksheet I created), lesson plan outline, pictures, along with reflections and adaptations that I would make in the future.

At the end of this post are some other resources I found about endangered species lesson plans that you could add to your curriculum to extend the topic of these animals for one whole week!

ENJOY! – Arielle’s N-F Literacy Lesson

Video Demonstration of part of the lesson.

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Student Work

Endangered Species Project – Teacher’s Guide, Handouts, Posters, and More! (target audience 3rd+, $8 for purchase) from Teacher’s Pay Teachers

Pinterest board on Endangered Species

Activities to do to spread this info in the community:,%20Scouts,%20Small%20Groups,%20Camps/Poster2015.jpg
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Endangered Species Poster Competition


Even though this event has passed, this idea could be adapted and implemented in the school, or local community.



Endangered Species Act:

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Article: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Endangered Species Act

Website: Endangered Species Act | Overview

Endangered Species Act of 1973 – PDF

Article: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ESA Basics 40 Years of Conserving Endangered Species