CHECK IT OUT!!!! This is such a neat site!

As an Elementary Educator, you can access free books from all sorts of genres and interests. These can be used in your classrooms as a way for students to access books that might not be in their library, as well as saving room for yourself all the books being stored in your classroom.

Books are categorized into sections similar to Netflix. You find the category that you are interested in and then scroll to see available books in that content area.
When you see a book that you want to read, not only can you flip the pages at your own rate, you can also zoom in or listen to the book as it is read aloud to you.


epic search engine.png
If you are looking for a specific topic, you can use the search area to find books and videos for a particular area, such as World War II.



Under the section “My Books” you can see the books you have read, as well as how far you have progressed. You can also “heart” or mark as favorites books you have especially enjoyed.

I am sure to use this site for my year student teaching, as well as future times as an educator! Love it! 🙂 Technology incorporated into the classroom to help bridge the gap of unlimited books within the appropriate reading level, interest, and quality for students!