I thought being Summertime, this article was appropriate to read and review. This article was an encouragement to me, especially as there are times when I wonder if I am going into the right profession.

Kyle Redford recently wrote an article explaining why he teaches. I bolded some of his key points, and of course, adding my own opinions or comments to the matters.

  1. Teaching gives me a clear sense of purpose. –> Although I know that I need to get my sense of purpose from Christ, it definitely gives me a sense of purpose for what I should do and how to spend my time so that I can make sure I am a positive influence to others, my students!
  2. Teaching is highly nutritional. –> very true about humility. Realizing that you don’t know everything and that you will make lots of mistakes is a very important skill in life!
  3. Teaching helps me stay culturally nimble. –> so true. This career is very helpful to keep me up to date on current topics, trends, theories, etc.!
  4. Teaching offers me a sense of playfulness. –> I love to play and hang out with kids. This job gives me the excuse to do it all the time 🙂
  5. Teaching surrounds me with interesting people. –> both students and other colleague teachers are interesting people! Plus, always meeting other educators.

And one more that I added….

6.Teaching is a way to never stop learning –> As my blog title states, I never want to stop learning, and this career enables myself to always be researching, reading, creating, and analyzing new things every day!