For my methods course in literacy, one of our assignments was to write a memoir about an aspect in our life. I decided that I would create a mini-cast on podomatic of my memoir about the adventures I had in the Grand Canyon so that way I could preserve my memoir in a positive way.

Enjoy reading it, as well as listening to it!


PDF Literacy_Class Activity_Memoir

Word Doc Literacy_Class Activity_Memoir


Mini-Cast Learning How to Be Free Memoir

If interested, I also attached my Author’s Reflection on the process, which includes lots of references to our texts from the class.

Overall, it was a good experience for me to write a short memoir since I had not done one in a long time, if ever! I will definitely be having my students pursue this type of writing as it is a positive way to write and get students motivated since they’re writing about a meaningful topic to them – their life!