This class I have learned about a lot of new technologies. For example, I finally got experience in creating a smartboard lesson. I also enjoyed finding different websites that were new to me. As always, when I explore new topics I always find new teacher resources.

When looking at the North Carolina Digital Literacy Standards, these are 3 areas that I would like to implement into the classroom.

  1. Leadership in Digital Learning –> Take initiative with own professional growth to inform practice. It is important that I make sure to always work on expanding my knowledge. I can “attend a local EdCamp to network with colleges and discover new tools and resources in the classroom”. After I do this, I will be able to do more with my students, as I learn more technology tools and ideas.
  2. Data & Assessment –> Teachers will utilize multiple and varied forms of assessment including examples of student work products. This is important because I want to make sure that I check what my students have learned with what they are doing in classrooms. I need to make sure that I am checking all my students work with a similar rubric, and I can use technological tools to help us out.
  3. Digital Content & Instruction–> Design technology-enriched learning experiences that encourage all students to pursue their individual interests, preferences, and differences. I really like this Digital Literacy standard, because it allows students to “choose a product or connect with experts from around the world, based on their career interests, to complete a project”. This is what I want to do as a future educator: make classroom experiences exceptional and connect with the student. If I can have students connect to the areas that they enjoy & other people, then they will be ready for the real world out there!

Thankful that they have this course at Meredith. Definitely see it as a positive part of the program and possibly should have taken it earlier!