Communication with parents & students:

Blogs can be used for the teacher to post the information of homework assignment or activities that we have done as a class. I would need to be careful that the time I spend is limited, as I could spend hours and hours posting information that parents would not actually read.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, blogs could be used to display student’s work throughout the year. That way, teachers have an online portfolio of the child’s work and progress. This would actually help decrease the need for parent-teacher conferences, since teachers would have the information student’s were doing already on the blog. However, it is important to make sure that the parent’s all sign a confidentiality form at the beginning of the year that they are comfortable with their child’s information being posted there. I think it is great that I found a teacher who has done this from the Scholastic’s Top 14 Teacher Blogs, Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog. The one part I see she wisely chose is not putting their last names. However, that is information for 6-year-olds on the primary page.

Programs (Animoto, GoAnimate, & Voki)

I have reviewed the following programs! Some would be good for Elementary classrooms, some would be better for Upper grades.


This program is great as you have the opportunity to put together pictures from projects in our class. Has neat music and the opportunities for students to display their work in a limited in capacity. However, it is short in what content can be given and used by students. So this would not be something you would want to do for a long video. It is for creating slideshows


This program is great because you can make professional videos. This program is beneficial since students can customize their video based on their story category. Students could make promotional videos, and this would teach them good graphic design skills. This program would only be beneficial for Middle and High School students, as it is quite complicated and takes a good amount of time to complete. Therefore, I would not tell a faculty member that I would purchase it in my Elementary class, as it

The can create Infographic, 2D or Whiteboard Animated videos.This is helpful as


Voki is a type of presentation software program that is helpful as it can animate the text shown. It is positive as it can captivate people’s interests and help teach lessons to students when you are absent. For example, students can watch a lesson with a substitute, showing your voice and interacting with the person. However, the program would only be positive to use occasionally since it can get boring after a while watching an avatar. Therefore, I would make sure that I only used it occasionally.

Twitter & Google Classroom:

After reading a few articles, I found some very informative information!

How Twitter Can Be Used as a Powerful Educational Tool

I didn’t think about this, but Twitter’s hashtags are a very fast way to link concepts or words together. The teacher that posted about #egypt was able to connect with a teacher in Egypt and talk with their students about what they had been learning. I definitely think it is a neat idea to implement this list of twitter education terms in my classroom if I had a group of older students.This teacher that used twitter to create a flipped classroom was ingenious! I think that some of my fellow Math teachers for upper grades could definitely do this!

Lauren had a great idea from her post about Twitter. If I was working with younger students, I could use Twitter to interact more with parents than my students.

Google Classroom Review: Pros And Cons Of Using Google Classroom In eLearning

Wow! Had heard of Google classroom before, but had not thought about using it. My opinion is that is is just like my view of google drive. Google drive is great because you can share information with others, edit documents at the same time, and save work online. However, it can be tedious jumping from one google sign into another if you have multiple accounts, and it has limitations with formatting. The same is true for google classroom, except that it doesn’t have the capabilities of testing and quizzing.

Software Review: Google Classroom

Another issue about Google Classroom is that students can delete parts of an assignment because the document is open sourced/editable. Therefore, I am not sure how much I would use this unless it was explicitly clear to the student where they were supposed to write and where they weren’t. I think that Google Classroom is helpful especially for Middle and High School students, but not for Kindergarteners.

Lauren also mentions in her blog how she wouldn’t likely use these technologies, or she would be cautious about using them since google classroom would require students to get a google login.