In my literacy class we were challenged to make a word sort. I made a word sort with long and short -u sounds connected with the book: “My Family Plays Music” by Judy Cox; illustrated by Elbrite Brown! You can see my picture here and the directions of how to lead the activity.

I’ve made lessons before, but this one I am really proud of this one in particular because I know I will be doing this as an Elementary teacher a lot due to the Words Their Way type of teaching for Spelling and phonics in Elementary Schools currently! I have been getting nervous about teaching phonics since I am not that great myself, but this lesson has started to give me confidence that I will eventually be able to do this all by myself (plus the resources in Words Their Way or other materials)!

Word Study Lesson & Reflection

At the end of this lesson plan, there is also a reflection on how it went and what I would like to do to improve it!


Let me know what you think of this lesson 🙂 Future classroom is coming sooner than I expected!