I’ve been working on creating a bookmarking tool for one of my courses with Teaching Resources, and I finally think it is ready.

This has some great resources:

1 – the Red markers are video sites (of teacher videos as well as tools that can edit or crop videos so you can play them without commercials!)

2- the Blue area is a combination of different teacher resources that I haven’t categorized into specific areas or groups. These resources often have lesson plan ideas or area places such as museums with open course materials!

3- The yellow area is for projects or specific education topics that I have previously or currently researched and wanted to save multiple weblinks. This area is a bit unorganized, or will be a work in progress section!

4- Finally, I have some other folders and sections for categorized information, such as links for Math or  Reading & Writing. One folder is titled Kid Friendly, which has games and activities for kids! However, teachers and parents can look at these sites too because there are also teacher resources!

I will continue to add on more website and links as I find more resources or research more topics. – As of March 2016 I have already updated and changed this (and the sections above accordingly!)


Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any recommendations for new sites or organization I should do 🙂

You should totally create one yourself! Here’s the link: