I was interviewing a teacher yesterday, and this was one of the quotes that she stated that stood out to me: We try to “work smart not harder” by working together as a team at our school. They collaborate together and divide and conquer.

It is important that as a teacher you realize that you cannot create everything yourself, rather you need to know what resources are out there so you can pull from the best!

I found this on Pinterest today and wanted to share!

elementary school teacher websites:

My top favorite out of this 20 websites that I didn’t know about beforehand is the Mr. Nussbaum! He is a teacher that has created an amazing site or resources for all grades (K-6) with subjects such as Math and Reading, while also great printables!

It linked to this website: http://www.edudemic.com/20-great-websites-for-elementary-educators/

This link not only lists different resources, it also explains what they focus on. The ones that I really liked were the math ones, especially since I had never seen some of them before! We are SO fortunate in this 21st century for all the resources available to us! I think it is hard though to not get overwhelmed and feel burdened by needing to look through and remember all the resources. I am currently starting to store my resources on symbaloo! Will update my progress in a later blog 🙂

Don’t forget to keep those good websites handy! You’ll need them later!