Dance – Incorporating it into the classroom is so important! Movement is sometimes hard to include in the classroom when so much of the time we tell kids to stay in their desks and take exams. But, there are so many benefits of taking the time to incorporate it!

Here are some articles and documents that I found when researching this topic!


 NC Arts Standards Website

The North Carolina Public Schools page has an area about Dance integration with multiple disciplines. This includes different Unit focuses on incorporating dance into lessons, such as the Native American Interdisciplinary Unit, which explains how students can recreate through dance a Corn Ceremony Dance. However, it also included a fun Animal Classification Game that helped students classify animals but also have the opportunity to act out what they think it looks like through movement.

Arts Integration Letter – LESSON PLANS!

This is a great resource is helpful as it is a free website that has over 60 lesson plans that connect different school subject areas/topics to the arts. Although these lessons do not specifically focus only on dance, there are a plethora of lessons that focus on dance integration. This website, Education Closet provides resources, not only lessons but conferences, workshops, and classes, as they want to be a resource for educations globally that integrate arts into the classroom.

Blog – Cultural Movement – Social Studies

This is a blog created that explains why incorporating dance into classrooms, particularly Social Studies is important and beneficial. They include lesson ideas, especially links to videos, for grades K-1, 2-3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. For example, grade 2 focuses on culture and dances such as a “Mexican Hat Dance”. It also includes other books they referenced in the creation of this blog. No names of the creator were able to be found on this blog.

Edutopia – Lesson Plans and Resources for Arts Integration

This website includes helpful documents when wanting to document, reflect or organize lessons while integrating arts into your class activities. It also has professional-development presentations. Under active strategies, the link ACTIVITY lists strategies and activities that can integrate dance (as well as song) with science, math, language arts, and social studies. One example of this is a states of water dance.

Interdisciplinary Learning through Dance: 101 Moventures – Neat Book!

This book is connected with national standards and has already been field tested with all the 101 activites or Moventures covered in this book. This is a book that I want to purchase because it has activities that work with classroom-management techniques, assessment choices and forms, and basic language terms of dancing. It also is divided into chapters if you want an activity in a specific subject area (Language Arts).

PEC: Lesson Plans for Physical Education

This website is a part of PE Central, which is focused on Physical Education. This website has lots of resources, with this link specifically focusing on Dance Lesson Ideas. One dance lesson that is fun was the “Star Wars Dance of the Storm Troopers”, which includes detailed instructions how to teach, while also a video explaining each step. Another dance is titled “Dancing with Math” and focuses on dancing different shapes such as a square, 90-degree angle, 180-degree straight line and 90-degree arch. If you give this website your email address, you can sign up for free weekly newsletters that include physical education lesson ideas, assessment tips, and more.

Movement and Dance in the Inclusive Classroom

This is an article that explains why it is important to integrate creative movement and dance as a teaching tool in the classroom. This research brings together Rudolf Laban’s analysis on movement as well as the writer, Stacy Skoning, evidence of positive effects of dance to children with learning disabilities, emotional disorders, as well as academically gifted children. This is a good source for teachers to read since it helps teachers understand how they can take negative situations (disruptive energy) and make it into positive (through kinesthetic learning).

Social Studies and World History through Music and Dance

KQED Arts is a collection that has been created to help teachers find the best art-focused PBS resources that can enrich learning experiences for students and integrate the arts into classroom curriculum of all subjects. This link contains videos with different topics, with the grade ranges appropriate for each video on the side, such as “We are the Music” Grades 3-9. When you click on the video, it shows which national standards it connects to.

 “Shall We Dance?” ArtsEdge – the National Arts & Education Network.

This article is a clear and concise explanation of how teachers, even if they do not have any experience dancing in their classrooms, can easily incorporate it into their every day with students. It is important to keep this source as this would be something shorter to explain to another teacher how to use dance rather than a long research article.

New Zealand – Units and Lesson Plans

This link is part of a New Zealand Website focused on teaching and learning resources as well as planning tools for the arts. This is a good source as one of the activities includes how you can teach about poems through Dance. Another activity connects learning about cicadas and ants together with dance, titled Myths and Legends. This website also includes the Dance Planner PDF to print as well as a helpful Elements of Dance chart (similar to the concepts and thoughts that we focused on in class, just formatted differently and a bit more aesthetically pleasing).



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